Soul Ltd. is a
Reality TV Series.

Mission: 1. To educate individuals, couples, and families how to speak to and be syncronized with their soul; 2. Help participants and viewers live a life of abundance; 3. Inspire a soul-connection to all of Humanity and God.

Soul Ltd. is a production of Say Roar Studio, a Spokane-based film television boutique. Learn more about Say Roar Studio's other projects here.

Production began in March 2012.
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About the Show

Do you have a fascination of Life, Death, and the Afterlife?

Are we using all the tools at our disposal to make the best life possible?

Join Producer Jeff Drew and Psychic Candess M. Campbell and together we can discover information important for your life, provided by past lives and sometimes loved ones on the other side.

Each participant's experience varies greatly. Ask Candess a question. Or simply allow Candess to read you, your past lives, and see if loved ones come forward.

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The information that comes forward speaks to the individuals and couples that sit for each session. Sometimes the information is immediately relevant. Other times it becomes relevant in a few weeks. Show guests have contacted us weeks later to tell us how amazed they were at Candess' ability and gift.

Other times, informaton comes forward and changes how we think about our current life course., or presenting what we already know in new, novel, and better way. Frequently, it makes us more able and competent by filling a need and enhancing our lives.

Come, be a guest on the show.

Now casting Summer and Fall 2012 shows.

See details here.

You + Your Soul : In Sync.